Aireen Brdske zlato
            Ashbury Angel Heart
Elliott is imported from the Chovatelska stanice Brdske Zlato Kennel in the Czech Republic. His breeder is MVDr Libuse Storkova, She is a veterinarian and owner of a few Golden's that are  very much loved and part of her family.  Her top priorities is  health and temperament .  We would like to thank Liba for this speical boy and the wonderful job she does in rasing her puppies! Were very excited  Elliott is joining our family of English Goldens ! He will be very much loved and  We couldnt be more happier with Elliott !
Elliott travled with his  sister Mya to the USA and Mya's Mommy one of my dearest friends Gayle picked them up at the airport Elliott stayed at Spirit Goldens
in Ohio for a few days with Gayle  and her husband Bob  untill  Sunday .We had lunch together and Gayle brought Mya so I had the chance to see her. We had a great visit.  Thank you so much  Gayle for everything!
Gayle picking up Mya and Elliott in Chicago
Elliott visiting with Kim at the vets office
               Me and Elliott
Elliott at 4 months old
Me and Gayle
Meet Elliotts parents below
Gayle and I with our puppies
Elliott and Mya  in there first home with Liba there breeder
Pictures of Elliott
Elliott today
Elliott and Robbie
Elliott has passed his Hips, Heart, and Eye clearances
Crazy Heart of Brdske Zlato