11-16-2004 - 02-10-2006

Lukie , Cassie , Bonnie, all  of you touched our hearts, made us laugh..... Gave us Love... and  to everyone you touched....  You were all very special Goldens .... all in your own way....   We miss you so much.... Your  Loving Golden Spirits will always be  here.... and you ALL will  be in our Hearts...
Always and Forever .........
         We will never forget you........
picture coming soon
In Loving Memory of our          Golden and Sheltie famliy
Luke was my first European Golden.  His life here was much to  short... I wouldn't trade it for anything !  Luke's laid back temperament taught me allot more about his wonderful breed right from the time I first brought him home.  It was love at first sight for both of us.  Luke was everything I hoped he would be and then some. He loved to be cuddled and would lay right next to you  on the couch he was my big white Teddybear!  He had a favorite couch pillow with a picture of Goldens on it. He loved to carry that around the house.   Lukie we miss you and you'll always be in  my  heart.....  and my beautiful  Royal Beauty  that will be never forgotten!
7-02-1994 -  12-25-2006
Cassie and I started together....  I owe her alot, she was my first love  for the Golden Retriever and lived up to the reputation.   She loved everyone and everyone loved her! One passion she had was being a mother and a teacher to all the younger ones.  She retired as the offical greeter and everyone had to see her first before the puppies. When her daughter Allie had a litter she couldnt wait untill she could go in the room to see the babies! Cassie passed Christmas day 2006 at the age of 12 in a half.  Cassie you were the BEST , we all miss you terribly and you'll always be in our hearts ... always!....
One happy and very proud mother!
     The true Golden smile!
Cassie couldnt wait untill she could go in to see the babies!
Cassie's favorite spot outside laying on the steps
Cassie loving every mintute of playing with the puppies!
6-25-1998- 1-12-2007
ClickBonnie was a beautiful Golden inside and out. Always happy and wanting to please, never asking for much. When she came in from outside she would lay on the floor on her back and wanted her belly rubbed. If you were sitting she would come up to you and put her legs around your waist to give a hug! We always said we were getting bunny hugs from Bonnie along with alot of Kisses!
Bonnie has been retired for a few years now from motherhood and has passed on some wonderful traits to her offspring.
Bun Bun your sadley missed and will always will be just our little girl! here to add text.
Chance was a son of Cassie and one of a kind. When he was  about 3 weeks old I knew I was going to keep him.  He was so content just to lay on your lap and be  loved and petted. Chance loved everyone just like his Mom they were so much alike. He was such a loveable dog and very calm temperament. Always wanting to please and loved to carry his toys around and chew on his bone and if I was on the couch he wanted to be right next to me. Chance was my protector always watching out for me letting me know when someone was here by barking. He loved his car rides even when we went to the vets. Chance and Bonnie grew up together as pups both born in the month of June. We have pear trees in our backyard and Chance always looked forward to spring and summer when the trees would blossom he would keep a eye on them watching them grow, he would stand up to the tree and pick his own pear and when he couldn't reach he would pick the best from the ground. That was his snack any time of the day,until the pears were gone.
Chance was a great dog , couldn't ask for any better. He was my big Teddybear and loved his hugs!
Chancy you will be in our Hearts forever! You will be  sadly  missed by all of us......

June 9  1998 - April 28 2007
                   " Teddy "
October 5 1993- September 16 2008

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