If you are interested in a puppy from Classiccreek Golden's please fill out this puppy  form as a way of introducing yourself to us, giving us information about you before we contact you by telephone. This form also explains what kind of homes we choose to place our puppies in.

Our  priority is that our puppies live full and happy lives in a home with people who love them and are part of the everyday family life we want them to be a family member not just the family dog.  We try our best to place puppies only in the most loving and responsible of homes and this form helps us in that process. Our puppies will always come back to us if they need to be re-homed- or to homes that we have approved.

!. Name & Address


2.  Email address

3.  Your phone number

4 Do you own or rent your home?

5. List all family members

6. Have you ever own a dog before or Golden Retriever

7. List all family pets that you may have now, please include dog breed.

8.Is your yard fenced in or have electric fence?

9.Why did you pick the Golden Retriever?

10 What are you looking for in your Golden puppy

11.Where would your puppy spend its days or nights? Inside or outside?

12. Is anyone home during the day and if so how many hours? If not how many hours would the puppy be left alone?  Do you have someone that could come to your home to let the puppy out during the potty training process?

13. Do you plan on crate training your puppy or providing a safe area for him or her to be in when left alone?

14. What sex do you want male or female? Does color make a difference? We do not breed for color… our goal is to produce sound healthy puppies with loving  temperaments staying with the AKC standards of what a Golden should be.

15. We sell our puppies on a limited AKC registration with a spay / neutered contract. Limited registration means you can enter your dog in AKC events  like obedience or agility  but for conformation  events you can not enter.  Offspring of a limited registration dog male or female cannot be registered with AKC. You understand you would be buying a puppy for family pet and would not be able to breed the dog?

16. Do you have any questions or comments you would like to share with me?
I will contact you first by email to let you know I received your form and then I will call you
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Classiccreek Puppy Application Form