Our retired and  non
breeding family members
This is Allie she just turned 10 on  March 22 . She is a Cassie daughter  She loved being a mom and  she produced some  beautiful puppies! Below is a picture of her best friend,  her sister Buffy.
This is Buffy she is our oldest golden now  she turned  11 in August. She is a  half sister to Chance and Allie.
Buffy and Allie are very close they play together and still act like there puppies at times!
Teddy is a Sheltie, he is 14 years old and our oldest dog. Teddy is one of a kind ! The Golden's just love him to pieces!
yThis is Holly she is  6 years old she is a half sister to Chance and Allie. Holly is such a fun loving girl, always happy and ready to play as you can see she just loves the snow! And loves to cuddle!
This is Annie she is very affectionate loves everyone and  happy all the time, just a sweetheart !
This is Mr Cash hes loves to play and hes very loveable and loves to  snuggle
This is Jessie she is Allies daughter  very funloving and loves attention she is retired from breeding
Allie on the left and Buffy on the right and Erin in the middle
Erin and Buffy this summer