Tia and Ben's Puppies
  Born   1-12-2009
  5 Girls and 1 Boy
Miss Green with her brother  Mr Blue
Puppies really enjoying there food at 3 weeks old
Puppies first visit at the vets office
Puppies starting to play
Puppies now at 4 weeks old
Mr Blue after meeting his new family
Miss yellow
Daddy Ben checking out his children
Ben the Daddy to the puppies
Miss Orange sound to sleep and Miss Red
Mr Blue
Miss Green
Miss Orange
Miss Pink
Miss Red
Miss Yellow
Max with his new family !
Paisley with her new family
Sammi formally Miss Pink with part of her new family
     Miss Yellow

      Miss Green
Sammi with her new sister and brother
Sammi getting some love from her new brother
Sammi in her new home everyone just loves her !
Miss Green  with her new family
Thank you to all the families for sending me updates of         Tia and Ben's puppies taken  in there homes !
This is Paisley formally Miss Red
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This is Sammi formally Miss Pink
Mandy formally Miss Orange
This is Abby formally Miss Yellow
Molly  Formally Miss Green