This is what you will have if you choose a Classiccreek puppy. All litters are born and  raised in our home and very much loved. We make several trips to our Vet's office for worming, individual physical exams, and first puppy shots. This gets them use to car rides before they go to there new homes. 
We do our best to get them socialized and outside when weather is permitted.

We let our pups leave to loving homes when we feel they are socially ready 7-8 weeks. You will get a folder with there health record of worming dates, physical exam by my vet, and shots.

All litters are AKC registered,  you will have your own AKC paper  to registered your puppy. You will be given copy's of mother and fathers pedigree's health clearances on the parents.  Puppy kit will include first heartworm preventive, advantage flea control, coupons for puppy food and a very informative book on raising your new puppy.

Our goal here at Classiccreek is to produce multi purpose Top Quality Golden Retriever puppies, starting with  parents that come from the very best of  Golden Retriever lines, with some of our breeding stock coming from  Champion  parents, and with many, many generations of  OFA clearances to help insure we are producing the very best the Golden Retriever Breed has to offer.

Our parents have sound temperaments, are healthy,  and have a yearly exam
they have been on heartworm preventive flea control and kept current on vaccinations and fed premium dog food and take daily vitamins. The parents have there health clearances and we have  a written health guarantee for our puppies.
We care deeply about Golden family and want our offspring to reflect it.
We keep in touch with our current and past puppy owners and love to receive updates and pictures
You can always call or email me for any questions that may arise before and after taking your puppy home and offer life time support for you and your Golden

If you would like to own a Classicreek puppy please check our litter page and puppy page and  email for further information on our litters.

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