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             Gloria Gilman  
             Holley, New York  
             585- 638 -8934
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  Classiccreek Goldens
Our Dogs are very much part of our family and everyday lives  they are  our furry members and  they live in the house with us. Our puppies are born and raised in our home with lot's of love !  
Our European English Golden Retrievers  are well know for being called English cream, British cream, white Golden Retrievers, but best of all they are one of the most beautiful golden's with a great laid back temperaments and big beautiful eyes ! These lovely dogs  are  imported from some of  the best breeders in the  countries of The Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Czech Republic, and Canada.  
We have  many pictures for you to see and  we hope you enjoy your visit 
If  you have any questions  feel free to email. I would like to hear from you !
Best Regards 
Classiccreek !
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Family Loved  Golden Retrievers