Abby on the left and her sister Ginger on the right  Hilton NY 
                                            Bonnie's daughters
      Sodus Point, NY
      Cassie's Son
  " Teddy "  Mendon, NY
         Allie's son             
       and  Teddy with his Rabbit
                        " Shiloh"
             Sodus Point, NY  
                     Cassie's son
Michael visiting  Puppies
                              " Molly "
       Here on a visit, living in Greece, NY
                     Candys daughter

                      " Dusty "
Allie Daughter,  living in Brockport
  Teddy Today
Oscar helping his Dad with Christmas lights
Classiccreek's offspring
and past family members
Jak in his new home with Kate         Jak taking a nap on his first trip to the nursing home
Kate and Jak sitting in the chair together !
            What a beautiful boy he is!
                             Abby son
This is me visiting Shiloh he is from my second litter from Cassie and Jackson
Shiloh enjoying his  dog bone that I brought him, he has so much of his Moms personality
pictures of Robbie and Buddy !
                   Candy son
Pictures of Tucker in his loving home
                       Hanna son
3 pictures of Brodie in his yard and on vacation with his very nice family
                                                    Hanna son
This is Holly playing with her friends and having a great time!
PJ and Leo sleeping
Leo and Cole take a nap together
Cooper in his new home and looks like he's getting spoiled by the  minute sleeping on his Dad, getting ice from his Mom for teething,  and  sleeping with his big sister Molly!
This is Daisy she just graduated from puppy class nice job !                
Daisy and her Dad
       Shea with her Mom and Dad
              Hanna daughter
Daisy with her brother Prince
Copper here on a visit
          Hanna son
Cooper getting some TLC from his Mom
Candy - Kody daughter
Sadie left (big sister)  Alexis and Abigail
Sadie, Alexis, and Abigail posing for a Christmas picture
Abigail is a Candy Kody daughter very much loved with her family!

Below are some pictures of Cooper while he was here for a visit with his Mom and Dad
Cooper is our Cash's full brother from Hanna and Kody's litter this summer. We all had a good time just watching the brothers interacting with each other and with there parents Hanna and Kody. As you can see Cooper and Cash look and act alot a like and Cooper has a outstanding personality just like our Cash! Cooper is  very much spoiled and loved by his wonderful family! We look forward to another get together with them in the spring!
Cooper on the left Cash on the right
I'm sure Cash is saying hey bro what can we get into?? Sure looks like fun!
Cooper & Cash eyeing up the box of Dog cookies on the counter!
I think Cooper almost has one!
Heres Cooper & Cash, greeting there father Kody, looks like Daddy is getting ready to give Cooper a Kiss !
Mother Hanna walking away with  a toy and Cooper and Cash just looking on !
Jak with  Santa and his family
Abby Kody son
Shiloh, Nick, Jessica, and Ashley
This is Cooper he is a Hanna Kody son
he's having a good time with his Dad and looks like he had a great time pulling a stuffed toy apart !
Beautiful Cooper sound asleep
      Sweet Dreams !
Neo having a good time in the snow taken last weekend Feb 3 2007 What a beautiful  dog he is from  Candy and Kody litter ! Almost 8 months old

Cooper and Molly playing
Candy Kisses just back from the groomers!
           Looking just beautiful!
        This is Leo he is a Candy Kody son
he looks like his Mom ! and has her sweet temperament too!
PJ and Leo
Candy doing what she loves to do !
below are pictures of one of her son's!
This is Neo taking a boat ride with his famliy!
          He is a Candy Kody son
      He is a Bonnie son
Thanks Mike for this nice picture!

Annie with her new family Mikie and Jon
Annie and Alex                            Annie Jon and Alex
Annie settling in very nicely in her new home
" Annie "
Christmas 2007
"Christmas Greetings from Candy and her family"
Rusty is a Kody & Candy son
       Christmas 2007
     Annie with her family
This is Basil he is a Kody / Abby son lives in Hilton, NY with his Mom Wendy and family.
Abby is owned by Patti & Brett in Hilton.