Shiloh on his visit with his sister Sierra   2 of Cassies Kid's

Jessica giving Shiloh a swimming lesson
                  " Dusty "
   Brockport, NY  Allie's Daughter
My Mommy and Daddy caught me !
              " Katie" Leroy,  NY
                        " Oscar "
   Very much loved in Genesso, NY
Classiccreek's Proud  Offspring
                      " Annie"
Having lots of  fun with some of her family  Emma and Erin
Oscar today helping Dad with Christmas lights
Holly checking out her first Christmas tree
Holly getting stuck on the swing                        Holly with Buddy
This is Bailey,  he is from a stud service from our Kody and his Mom is Abby , which is one of our pups from a Bonnie and Jackson litter.  Bailey is having a good time with his family making a snowman.
This is Cheyanne enjoying her day with her wonderful family at the lake below are pictures of her enjoying a swim & retrieving
shes one year old
Neo settled in with his Mom and Dad they just Love him !
2 pictures of Gracie on the right and her  buddy Sierra with her very nice family Jake in the middle with the 2 of them
Missy  meeting her new wonderful loving family
Robbie and Buddy Candy pup
Candy going home with her new wonderful family
Candy has settled in very well  in her new home and enjoying a family gathering meeting more members of the family. Everyone just loves her! How could you not love Candy Kisses!
Candy with her new Mom
Candy all settled in with her new sister and brother
Candy getting lots of love with her new family!
Candy  Jenna and Jimmy looking very happy with each other!
        Candy Kody pup
Leo something tasted real good !
       Neo his first Christmas
        Candy Kody son
Candy Kody son
Missy is from Jessie Kody litter
Gracie is a Candy daughter
Cheyanne is a Candy pup
Candy's first Christmas  with  her wonderful, loving family!
                 Thank you!
Sampson & Buddy
Jenna, Candy & Jimmy
Candy, Jimmy & Jenna
Having some fun on a winter's day!
This is Neo he is a Candy- Kody son he's  doing very well with his family they just love him!  Candy his Mom is pictured above
New pictures of Holly!
Holly and Buddy looks like there best of friends!
Candy celebrating her 4th birthday with her wonderful family ! Happy Birthday Candy!
Buddy on his 1st Birthday
This is Max, he is a Jessie Kody son he lives in Ohio he's very much loved by  his family and they are  very pleased !
Kody Candy son